Wednesday 21.09.2022

Embrace The Good Old Days With Lonely Mountains: Downhill’s Daily Rides Season 17 Recap: Vintage Vibes

Get ready for action and dress to impress as Thunderful & Megagon Industries take you on a trip to the time machine with Daily Rides Season 17 Recap: Vintage Vibes. It’s time to kick up some dust with outfits and a paint job appropriate for a time gone by. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Nintendo Switch™Xbox OnePlayStation®4, and PC (Steam®). The game is also verified for Steam Deck.

Players looking to take on the challenge in Vintage Vibes can unlock some fabulous outfits for their rider and a splendid paint job for their bike. With the dapper Vintage Vibes theme, players can pick something fancy to wear while riding on precarious mountain trails. Keep it classy and confident with a bow tie, cook up a storm with an apron, show your eccentric side with a pair of suspenders, and dress to impress with a tailored vintage suit. To complete each look unlock the Vintage paint job which is available for all six bikes.

Daily Rides is a cross-platform daily leaderboard competition. Each day a trail will be selected randomly, complete with new obstacles and shortcuts. The four-week season offers up a new theme with unlockable cosmetic rewards for participants. Do you have what it takes to dominate the new season? Get riding and see if you can rise to the top of the leaderboard!

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill was initially released on October 23rd in 2019. During its first year, the game has been a hit amongst players and critics alike; resulting in more than one million players (2.5 million as of December 2021). The game won awards such as “Best Indie Game” at the German Developer Awards and “Best International Indie Game” at Poznan Game Arena. Lonely Mountains: Downhill recently received two free DLCs which both add additional environments and tracks, “Riley’s Return” and “Misty Peak”.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available now on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PC (Steam® and Windows 10 via the Microsoft store), and Mac (Steam®). Lonely Mountains: Downhill is verified for Steam Deck. A demo for Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Steam® and Nintendo Switch™, so if you are on the fence download it and head down the first trail of the Sierra Rivera mountain.

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Wednesday 21.09.2022

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