Friday 29.04.2022

From The Depths Of Space To Your PC: The Gunk Available Now on Steam

New accolades trailer highlights praise for alien world with acclaimed adventure hitting new platform

Thunderful is pleased to report that its space exploring adventure, The Gunk, is reaching new frontiers as it available now on Steam. To celebrate the launch, a new accolades trailer highlights the compelling features that have engaged hundreds of thousands of players.

Not only will players be able to enjoy the exploration of their favorite alien world on Steam, they can also take advantage of the recently added photo mode. Post-processing photo editing options include the ability to adjust depth of field, exposure, field of view, add filters like “noir”, “sepia” and “cartoon”, and more. The mode also allows you to adjust the pose of protagonist Rani and even change her facial expressions to add personality to your snaps and perfectly match the tone you are aiming for with each shot you take.

The Steam release of The Gunk features support for some of the most requested languages from the community, including Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Simplified Chinese, allowing even more people to experience this compelling tale and captivating world.

In The Gunk, you take on the role of Rani, one half of a space-hauling duo that stumbles across a seemingly barren planet infested with a strange undiscovered substance they call “the gunk”. Rani and her partner Becks wonder if their days of scrapping for resources to make ends meet might be at an end with this unusual discovery. But there are other pertinent questions to answer: what exactly is the gunk? How did it get here? What kind of world existed prior to its arrival? And what happened to the ancient civilization that’s left only ruins behind?

The Gunk has a big emphasis on exploration with a wondrous and diverse alien world to discover featuring biomes ranging from rocky canyons, to dense jungles, to deep subterranean caves (this is the team behind SteamWorld after all) and a few more surprises. The gunk is turning all of these zones barren, but as you remove it using Rani’s upgradable goo-sucking power-glove, you’ll discover a flourishing ecosystem seemingly suppressed by this mysterious and destructive gunk.

Don’t miss the new accolades trailer.

Friday 29.04.2022

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