Friday 03.05.2024

Gameplay Deep Dive: Gunning for Victory in SteamWorld Heist II

Explore turn-based gunplay complete with ricochet bullets, trickshot mastery, an all-new job system, and brace for enemies galore in this Gameplay Deep Dive!

Ahoy, fellow steam-mates!

We’re glad to see you made it to our first Gameplay Deep Dive where we will be diving into the delicately crafted mechanics that you’ll use as you lead your crew and sail the great oceanic shard.

Before we dive in, a little heads-up: You can also catch all the details in our latest Gameplay Deep Dive video, featuring the charismatic narration of none other than our lead game designer, Robert Olsén! So, if you’re more of a visual learner (or just love Robert’s soothing voice), be sure to give it a watch.

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…oh, you’re still here? Fantastic! Let’s kick off with a closer look at some heart-pounding gunplay!

Gunning for Victory

Just like its predecessor, the combat in SteamWorld Heist II is turn-based, plunging you into thrilling missions where you’ll scrap bots, snatch loot, and strive to emerge victorious (and if possible alive). And yes, prepare for bullets to bounce! Strategically ricochet your shots off walls, ceilings, and even other bots to outsmart your foes and execute amazing trick shots.

But there’s more to success than sheer firepower…

Job System

Enter the innovative job system. As captain, it’s your duty to fine-tune your crew’s abilities for peak performance.

The other robots who inhabit this shard come in all different parts and sizes. Some will aid you and your team on your journey. Recruit them to your crew and use our all new job system to assign roles and abilities.

Each crewmate’s job is determined by the weapons you equip them with, and each job has different weapons and abilities, enabling a multitude of different playstyles.

Meet your crew:

  • Snipers: Masters of precision with laser-sighted weapons showing their projectile’s path, leaving no hiding spot safe. Good luck hiding from a Sniper’s eye!
  • Flankers: Lightning-fast looters armed with powerful shotguns. Enemies better watch their backs!
  • Brawlers: Heavy-hitters with thick armor and self-healing abilities. Breaking baddies is their thing!
  • Engineers: Versatile support units, capable of healing (s)teammates, creating cover and setting up devastating combos. And: they always get to shoot twice!
  • Boomers: Explosive specialists wreaking havoc with utility items. The bigger the boom, the better!
  • Reapers: Deadly adversaries, granted additional shots upon enemy elimination. But be careful, their thirst for mayhem might get their frail frames into difficult situations…

And the best part? Abilities unlocked through missions stick with your characters, even if they switch jobs in the future. Add to that the wide range of unique weapons and utility items and you’ve got a recipe for endless customisation and specialised builds.

Enemies Galore

Things are not all sunshine and roses in SteamWorld Heist II. The world is in crisis and the vast oceanic shard is filled with high-pressure threats and challenges. Prepare to face formidable adversaries each with their own unique challenges!

The diesel-driven Royal Navy commands the seas with an iron grip, controlling the precious supply of clean water with ruthless efficiency. Their defensive playstyle is bolstered by an array of formidable units, including drones, sharpshooting snipers, and sturdy turrets. Beware the charging guards, capable of breaking through just about anything, and keep a vigilant eye out for commanders who apply Edicts to empower nearby Navy units.

In the bolt-chilling north, you’ll encounter Rattlers! These bone-obsessed cultists roam the frigid wastes of Arctica and manically replace their metallic parts with bone. This questionable practice renders them susceptible to individual scrapping but presents a real challenge in large numbers so don’t get too cocky!

The seas of SteamWorld Heist II are teeming full of steambots both friendly and deadly. So gear up, lock and load, and get ready for the heist of a lifetime!

Stay tuned for more…

Stay tuned for our next feature video on May 17 which will dive deeper into the characters and story of SteamWorld Heist II. Until then, fair winds, steam-mates!

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Friday 03.05.2024

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