Thursday 17.03.2022

It’s Time To Head Out For Adventure With Curious Expedition 2 Now Available On PlayStation & Xbox

Highlands of Avalon DLC also available to add even more variation and curiosity to procedural pulp adventure

Thunderful and independent developer Maschinen-Mensch are pleased to announce that Curious Expedition 2 is out today on PlayStation & Xbox platforms. The game is available for ​$19.99 / €19.99 / £16.99 on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and is also playable on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility.

Curious Expedition 2 is a Jules Verne-esque pulp adventure inspired by pen & paper RPGs and mixed with narrative roguelike elements, all wrapped up in a streamlined and accessible gameplay experience. Take on the role of an intrepid explorer, assemble your crew and head out into the unknown. On your expeditions you’ll come across all manner of cultures, flora, fauna, treasures and more, ranging from the worldly to the altogether more… curious! Using a combination of hand-crafted and procedural gameplay and story elements, Curious Expedition 2 creates completely unique and epic adventures every time you play.

Of course we have a new console trailer for you, too.

Set in a reimagined late 19th Century, mysterious islands shrouded in purple fog have begun to appear in the oceans, only to vanish soon afterwards. The three great Explorer Clubs of Paris are now funding expeditions to these strange islands in a bid to make bold new discoveries. These new treasures will be exhibited in their stands at the upcoming World’s Fair. Will you seek out the legendary Golden Pyramid, or choose to recover the Rainbow Orchid instead? In Curious Expedition 2, a world of unimaginable wonder and surprise awaits!

Along with the launch of Curious Expedition 2 on PlayStation and Xbox, the Highlands of Avalon DLC is also available for all platforms including Nintendo Switch. Bringing a brand new island type to Curious Expeditions 2, Highlands of Avalon offers a new set of tiles, a new game mechanic related to traversing hills and valleys, a new tribe called the Picts and new artwork for shrines. The DLC includes eight new recruitable characters – Grail Knight, the Precious Clydesdale horse, three Kobold variants (Bard, Scoundrel and Shamen, Shaman) and three variants of Picts islanders (Spiritual Druid, Pictish Outrider, Tattooed Warrior). You can also encounter four deadly new enemies, visit six new locations, and kit yourself up with seven new pieces of equipment and five new items. Last but not least, there are four new levels to unlock at the Royal Avalon Society Explorer Club in Paris, giving you access to one recruitable character and three pieces of equipment.

“We’re really excited that Curious Expeditions 2 is now available on PlayStation and Xbox,” said Riad Djemili, CEO at Maschinen-Mensch. “We’ve tweaked and refined the game during its adventures on PC in response to community feedback, so this console version of Curious Expedition 2 is the best the game has ever been. I wish the PlayStation and Xbox communities good luck on their varied and intriguing expeditions!”

Thursday 17.03.2022

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