Publishing and Sales Manager - Gothenburg

We are looking for a Publishing and Sales Manager. Is that you?

Annons thunderful

Come work with us at Thunderful Publishing! Right now, we are looking for a Publishing and Sales Manager to join our team.

Soon Victor is on parental leave so now we are looking for someone to help us between January 2020 and September 2020.

The job

As a Publishing and Sales Manager, your job is to track and analyze sales, plan promotions and help out with various publishing work regarding various titles. One of your main tasks will be sales reports and prognoses. We're currently a small and steady team of 11 people working in growing Thunderful Group. A normal day at Thunderful Publishing contains meetings with developers, contact with various platform holders, ratings companies, translators and testers, coordination meetings with marketing, looking at game pitches and gathering sales data.


  • Financial education
  • Excel
  • Experience in sales reports
  • Know how to collect data and how to analyze it
  • Speak and write English fluently

Our bonus points

  • Nice people
  • Collective agreement
  • Flex hours
  • Free coffee
  • Free Thunderful Games

We are Thunderful Publishing

Games: Thunderful, you say? We are an indie games publisher bringing you awesome gems like Steamworld Quest, Curious Expedition, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Say No! More!, Source of Madness and The Gunk.

People: Each Thunderful individual makes a difference. We share a passion for playing and making great games. Our job is per definition an art form, as creating gems takes hard work and a desire to succeed. Each project can be a tough, hard road, but also inspiring and rewarding. A mindset of passion and brilliance deserves and fosters success. We want all co-workers to share this passion and will to achieve greatness.

Additional Info

This is a full-time position in our Gothenburg - office and it is a temporary employment for 9 months. We have collective agreement - Tekniktjänsteavtalet

How to apply: Send us your application with a cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do it now and tag the mail: “Publishing and Sales Manager”

Last day for this: 2020-12-13

Thunderful, you say?

In a nutshell, Thunderful is a games publisher helping awesome game devs do their thing. You make the games. We find your audience. That’s why we’re here!

What’s on the table?

We take care of things you don’t have time for but really need. Stuff like PR, QA, platform relations as well as talking with players, streamers and content creators.

Got game but no biz?

We’re looking for the best new games out there regardless of genre, platform or mechanics. If you have an awesome game in the works we’ll check it out!

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