Curious Expedition 2 Wins ‘Best Indie Game’ During gamescom awards 2020!

Curious Expedition 2 honored during gamescom: Opening Night Live awards ceremony by winning ‘Best Indie Game’ award.

 Thunderful Publishing and Maschinen-Mensch are thrilled by the announcement that Curious Expedition 2 was named winner in the “Best Indie Game” category for the gamescom awards 2020 during this evening’s gamescom: Opening Night Live streaming event. Curious Expedition 2’s nomination was made by a jury formed of German and international games journalists, well-known YouTubers and other experts, which made its selection from more than 140 submissions.

“We're humbled and honoured to receive this award with so many ridiculously talented indie developers participating in gamescom this year. Thank you!” — Johannes Kristmann, Co-founder and Art Director at Maschinen-Mensch.

Curious Expedition 2, which is available now on Steam Early Access, recreates the award-winning formula of its predecessor and evolves it into exciting new procedurally generated worlds full of danger and opportunity. Learn to master turn-based battles against fierce wild animals and legendary creatures while exploring ancient shrines and looting ghostly pirate ships. The time has come to join one of the legendary Explorer Clubs and venture to regions never before explored for fame, science and treasure!


  • Join the legendary Explorer Clubs and journey into procedurally generated worlds full of danger and opportunity.
  • Master exciting turn-based battles that require cleverness to withstand fierce wild animals and legendary creatures.
  • Plunder ancient shrines, haggle with strange mole people, loot ghostly pirate ships, and more! Will you seek out the legendary Golden Pyramid or choose to recover the Rainbow Orchid instead?
  • Take the adventure online and compete in challenges by pledging yourself to an Explorer Club to compete for unique rewards.

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