Alwa’s Awakening OST Vinyl drops in the Thunderful Shop

Now available on vinyl and NES cartridge!

We're happy to announce that the official soundtrack of Alwa’s Awakening by Swedish indie studio Elden Pixels is now available for purchase in the Thunderful Shop. Alwa’s Awakening was first released in 2017, casting you as Zoe, a heroine sent from another world to bring peace to the land of Alwa in this 8-bit style platforming adventure. Armed with a magic staff you’ll explore an interconnected world chock full of dangerous dungeons, hidden secrets, quirky characters, fiendish creatures, and head-scratching puzzles.

Alwa’s Awakening has a beautiful and catchy soundtrack. Created using the same techniques composers and sound designers had back in the day, it delivers an authentic 8-bit sound. With chiptunes that will stay in your head for hours, the Alwa’s Awakening OST perfectly complements exploring mythical worlds, adventurous walks outdoors, or completing that epic task that will save the day for all your co-workers.

NES Cartridge OST

Custom manufactured NES cartridge in an enchanting black colour24 original chiptune tracks composed by the Magician of Melody, Robert KreeseFeatures one guest track by the Conjurer on Compositions, Prof. SakamotoWorks both on NTSC and PAL NES consolesA 28 page full-color manualComes with a digital Steam® code for Alwa’s Awakening

Vinyl OST

Listen to authentic NES music without the hassle of plugging in your old 8-bit console!
This vinyl comes in a magical transparent green hue and includes 24 chiptune tracks composed by Robert Kreese, as well as a guest track by 8-bit legend Prof. Sakamoto.

Composed by Robert Kreese
Guest Track “Vicar” by Prof. Sakamoto
Mastered by the Sorcerer of Sound, Linus Andersson (Elementstudion)

Buy the vinyl and you’ll also get an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack!

NES soundtrack is 499 SEK
Vinyl - 249 SEK
Total Bundle, vinyl + NES - 623,25 SEK (save 125,75 SEK)

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