Friday 05.11.2021

Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic Out Today On Nintendo Switch

Time to set out for adventure in retro-inspired roguelike/RPG hybrid full of nostalgia, gags and quirky characters

Headup & The Bitfather are delighted to announce that 80s-inspired roguelike/RPG, Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic, is out today (15 PM CEST Europe/ 9AM PST America) on Nintendo Switch for 14.99 USD/14.99 EUR/11.99 GBP, with a 15% discount in the US, bringing with it an exclusive mode, a new campaign and new heroes.

Pixel Heroes draws on retro-inspirations to deliver a mix of RPG and roguelike gameplay backed by a retro-pixel art style, an 8-bit soundtrack, or, new to the Switch version, the option of an orchestral soundtrack changing on the fly. The game features 33 unique hero classes to unlock, each with their own individual skills and attributes, four unlockable campaigns, including the new “The Legend of Hack Hammerson” campaign, each with its own final dungeon and boss, and heaps of procedurally generated axes, spears, spells, crossbows and more to add to your arsenal.

In the new Arena mode, exclusive to Switch, players can freely choose a party from the entire hero pool and take them into a series of infinite battles that get harder as you progress. Special bonus effects can be selected to modify the next battle, making it easier, or more rewarding.

Aside from the deadly dungeons, expect plenty of fun, lots of irreverence, and tons of jokes in a world of weird NPCs and hilarious events. Be careful though! This is a roguelike, so it’s got permadeath! At least if you do bite the dust, you can visit a detailed graveyard to mourn your lost heroes and compare their statistics.

You can get a feel for the humour on offer in this classically-style adventure in the game’s tongue-in-cheek making of trailer (which seems to have been made on a VCR), where you will get a look at the “Unity Engine” like you’ve never seen before, as well as the studio’s innovative use of the “brand new” NES to help make the game’s 8-bit soundtrack.

“We’re delighted that Pixel Heroes is finally out on Nintendo Switch,” said lead designer Tom Hirsch. “The Switch has proved to be a fantastic platform for indie games and we think players are going to have a lot of fun with our retro RPG and roguelike mechanics”.

You will find the game on the Nintendo eShop: Europe / America

Friday 05.11.2021

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