Thursday 13.06.2024

Summer’s here – and so is a sizzling SteamWorld Build update!

Steam Wave Out Now!

SteamWorld Build’s latest update brings sunshine, sausages, sandcastles, and a touch of Swedish Midsommar magic to your desert town.

Celebrate the summer solstice with:

  • 11 New Player Decorations: Add a splash of summer to your town with a pool, sandcastle, sunflowers, strawberries, a tent, and more!

  • Robots Get Festive: Watch your bots bounce in a bouncy castle, sizzle sausages at a fire pit, chill out on beach chairs, and dance around a midsummer pole singing the traditional “små grodorna” song!

  • New Environmental Decorations: Spruce up your world with birch trees, sandcastles, sunflowers and beach chairs.

  • Butterflies & Blooms: Look out for our new “shark bath ball” tumbleweeds and enjoy a world teeming with beautiful butterflies – all under a special shader!

  • Dressing Up for the Festivities: Your Agents will be equipped with festive hats featuring midsommar wreaths, flower crowns and even a sand bucket!

  • Hoppy Helpers: Watch adorable little frogs hopping around your town, adding to the joyful atmosphere!

It’s the perfect way to bring some sunshine and Swedish cheer to your SteamWorld Build experience, so grab a drink and get ready to turn up the heat.

Glad Midsommar! (Happy Midsommar!)

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Thursday 13.06.2024

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