Thursday 16.12.2021

The Gunk Available Now On Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC

Sci-fi exploration game from the veteran team behind the SteamWorld series available via Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Games Store

Thunderful’s anticipated story-driven sci-fi exploration title from the team behind the SteamWorld series, The Gunk, is out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Players can step into the intriguing alien world of The Gunk now on Xbox Game Pass or via the Xbox Games Store and begin exploring the mystery behind the strange hypnotic substance suppressing a mysterious planet’s otherwise thriving ecosystem from bursting back into life.

In The Gunk, you take on the role of Rani, one half of a space-hauling duo that stumbles across a seemingly barren planet infested with a strange undiscovered substance they call “the gunk”. Rani and her partner Becks wonder if their days of scrapping for resources to make ends meet might be at an end with this unusual discovery. But there are other pertinent questions to answer: what exactly is the gunk? How did it get here? What kind of world existed prior to its arrival? And what happened to the ancient civilization that’s left only ruins behind?

Watch the release trailer now!

The Gunk has a big emphasis on exploration with a wondrous and diverse alien world to discover featuring biomes ranging from rocky canyons, to dense jungles, to deep subterranean caves (this is the team behind SteamWorld after all) and a few more surprises. The gunk is turning all of these zones barren, but as you remove it using Rani’s upgradable goo-sucking power-glove, you’ll discover a flourishing ecosystem seemingly suppressed by this mysterious and destructive gunk.

While exploring, Rani can scan the environment to make new discoveries and learn more about this intriguing world. These discoveries will fill out her findings in a logbook, giving players who dig into these entries some clues about what’s happened on this gunk-infested planet.

“We’re delighted that players can finally visit the alien world we’ve lovingly crafted for them in The Gunk on Xbox and PC,” said Game Director Ulf Hartelius. “We’ve been itching to tell a more ‘grown-up’ story than you’ll have seen in our previous games and that’s precisely what we aim to deliver here in this rich sci-fi world that I hope players are going to have a lot of fun in!”

Thursday 16.12.2021

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