Friday 01.04.2022

White Shadows wins at the German Computer Games Award 2022

The cinematic puzzle platformer receives the Newcomer Award for "Best Debut"

At the festive gala of the prestigious German Computer Games Awards 2022 which took place last night, White Shadows won the Newcomer Award for “Best Debut”.

The dystopian title is known above all for its unmistakable artistic style; its colourless and sinister world catches the players eyes immediately. Adding multiple layers of social criticism and some disturbing scenes, White Shadows not only captivates players attention, but is also thought-provoking.

White Shadows throws us into a dark world whose dense, oppressive atmosphere casts a spell over us,” reads the description from the German Computer Game Awards. “Thanks to the successful staging and many lovingly placed details that tell a story about oppression, discrimination, and violence via environmental storytelling, the gameplay never gets boring, even in quieter moments. Puzzles and mechanics that appear in the course of the game provide variety and classical pieces of music that are only used in a few places set exciting accents. White Shadows is an audiovisual work of art with a strong message.”

Thunderful would like to congratulate the development team of Monokel and the lead producers, Mixtvision, for their extraordinary piece of art.

Friday 01.04.2022

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