Wednesday 10.11.2021

World Premiere – Metroidvania Goes Full Throttle in Laika: Aged Through Blood

Enter a sand strewn post-apocalyptic world in Laika: Aged Through Blood. In this anthropomorphic society, different factions vie for control of the desert’s many outposts. Take control of a young Coyote warrior as she rides her motorbike on a path of vengeance, taking back the land that her tribe has lost. This motorvania game has a huge, openly explorable world filled with NPCs to meet, secrets to discover and enemies to destroy.

Drive, jump and fight your way across the desert as you ride your way through an epic story told over 6 chapters. Meet NPCs to take on new missions and earn new gear. Take on enemies in midair with deadly precision using slow-mo to line up your perfect shot. Master these abilities to take on huge bosses, who will test your skills to the limit. With its beautiful hand-drawn art style, breakneck vehicular combat and expansive world, Laika: Aged Through Blood delivers an emotional experience of revenge and loss.

Laika: Aged Through Blood is coming in 2022 for PC and Console.

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Wednesday 10.11.2021

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